• 300 000 passagers par an

  • 300 km sans péage entre Vierzon et Brive

  • 2000 ans d’histoire

  • 3 000 nouveaux habitants par an

  • 140 000 habitants

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Portrait of a City

The Changing Shape of the City

Augustoritum, "the ford of Augustus": this was the original name of the city of Limoges, founded by the Romans in 10 BC. With a vast amphitheatre, thermal baths and a grand forum, the archaeological excavations and relics reveal the key status of the city as a commercial crossroads on the banks of the Vienne.


The City through the Centuries

The Romanisation of the territory of the Lemovices began with the founding of the city of Augustoritum. As with the entire southern part of Gaul, this resulted in the formation of the Occitan language to which the Limousin dialect belonged. It was sung by the troubadours and spoken until the middle of the 20th century.


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