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Arts of Fire

The arts of fire - enamel, porcelain and stained glass windows - form a unique industrial and artisan heritage. Immense passion, a taste for perfection and constantly renewed creativity have given rise to impressive cultural treasures, with each of the sites open to visitors revealing a different aspect. Come and discover our talents…


During the Middle Ages, the Abbey of Saint-Martial was a famous stopping place on the pilgrimage route to Compostela. Strong demand for religious souvenirs and the worship of relics contributed to the development of arts and crafts, with the goldsmith’s art followed by copper champlevé enamel. The large-scale production of Limousin enamel spread throughout the entire Christian western world(...)



Limoges porcelain came into being in 1771, thanks to the presence in the area of the necessary natural resources for its manufacture (water, granite minerals, kaolin, wood used as fuel) and the will of Intendant Turgot. The industry had its heyday and saw incredible artistic expansion in the 19th century with the advent of the first prestigious factories: Haviland, Guérin, Pouyat, Bernardaud, Tharaud, Alluaud, Lanternier, GDA…


Stained glass

Stained glass emerged with the development of religious buildings and Gothic art in the Middle Ages, and later benefited from the advent of new technologies during the Renaissance (grisaille, painting) and from the innovations of Art Nouveau and Art Deco. (...)


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