• 2 pôles de compétitivité : Pôle Européen de la Céramique et Elopsys

  • 2460 emplois sur la technopole Ester

  • 2460 emplois sur la technopole Ester

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Economy & employment

Limoges is the most important economic centre in the Centre-West of France. The city offers 900 hectares of business space, is served by a toll-free motorway and is near the intersection of the major European trunk roads.

It is the birthplace or chosen base of several companies of international dimension, such as LEGRAND and VALEO. Indeed, Limoges possesses all of the resources necessary for high-tech businesses, with a quality of life that very large cities cannot offer.

The level of unemployment is consistently considerably lower than the national average, and professional integration programmes are in place providing support to jobseekers.

Its ESTER technopole high-tech business zone is home to two national competitiveness clusters: Elopsys (microwaves, photonics, secure networks) and the European Center of Ceramics.

Here, a passion for materials, a taste for perfection and constantly renewed creativity are a guarantee of success. Throughout the year, traditional porcelain industries, skilled tradesmen and retailers perpetuate a tradition offering a wealth of flavours and colours…

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