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  • 2460 emplois sur la technopole Ester

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The Ceramic Route

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The Ceramic Route created in Limoges

As part of an international ceramic week organised by the City of Limoges from 15 to 19 June 2010, the delegates of the European network UNIC (Urban Network for Innovation in Ceramics) and those from the Asian cities that share a strong tradition in ceramics, created an international network.

A charter for a Ceramic Route was signed by all the members of UNIC – Aveiro (Portugal)  Castellón and Seville (Spain), Cluj Napoca (Romania), Delft (Netherlands), Faenza (Italy), Pecs (Hungary), Stoke-on-Trent (United Kingdom), the Porzellanikon museum of Selb (Germany), and the Zsolnay museum of Pecs – and four Asian cities: Gangjin and Icheon (South Korea), Jingdezhen (China) and Seto ( Japan).

These 15 partners have undertaken to create a forum for dialogue and information relating to ceramics in the fields of culture, academia, tourism and heritage, economics, artistic creation and technological research.

The ‘Ceramic Route’ also intends to play a role in tourism promotion for its members, to encourage exchanges of artists and students, and to share experiences and good practice in the use of technical ceramics.

The aim is also to facilitate reciprocal knowledge of the players in the ceramics world and to provide enterprises (plants, industries, workshops….) with a sound basis for their commercial and technological exchanges.

Against the backdrop of the globalised economy, this network intends to create close-knit relations.

See the text of the joint declaration

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