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  • 2460 emplois sur la technopole Ester

Accueil Economy & employment The most important economic hub of the centre-west of France

The most important economic hub of the centre-west of France

Key figures

Limoges is the premier economic hub in the centre-west of France. It is located at the heart of an urban area of 260,000 inhabitants. Its catchment area offers a potential of 520,000 consumers. The town possesses a varied economic fabric, with a wealth of small and medium enterprises and industries (13,000 companies, that is to say 66,610 employees) and a number of big industrial names: LEGRAND, world leader in products and systems equipment for building industry electrical installations, BERNARDAUD and HAVILAND porcelains, ALLIA ceramics, the prestigious WESTON master shoemakers, RENAULT TRUCKS etc.

Higher education in Limoges

The University of Limoges is among the youngest universities in France. This undoubtedly explains its dynamism and its involvement in innovation. It welcomes more than 14,000 students of whom almost 40% obtained their baccalauréat (equivalent of ‘A’ levels), or equivalent qualification outside of the Limoges local education authority area. This is an illustration of its attractiveness. It is a multidisciplinary establishment offering all of the major fields of study, as well as recognised specialities based upon important areas of its research activities.


A genuine university city

With some 20,000 students, Limoges is a genuine university city. Rents remain at reasonable levels and the Centre Régional des Œuvres Universitaires manages 14 residences and 8 restaurants for students, as well as providing a wide range of services.

ESTER and clusters

ESTER is a centre for resources and exchanges, combining industry, research and training on the same site and offering the best conditions for bringing innovative projects to fruition.


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