• Un an de réserve

  • 14  millions de voyages

  • 28 % de logements sociaux

  • 280.000 plantes produites chaque année

  • 51 m² d’espaces verts par habitant

  • 210 terrasses en centre ville

Accueil Living environment

Living environment

With nearly 15,000 rent-controlled properties and several reserved areas, settling in Limoges is both easy and wise… Our local urban policy outlines a dynamic city, concerned with combining economic development with modern transport infrastructures and maintaining a pleasant living environment.

Limoges is one of the leading urban areas in France in terms of exclusive, silent public transport with its ultra-modern trolleybus network. A pioneer in the field of selective waste collection, the city also offers excellent water and air quality and 640 hectares of green land.

Furthermore, the city has practiced sustainable development for a considerable length of time, which has now been formalised with its Agenda 21.

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