• Un an de réserve

  • 14  millions de voyages

  • 28 % de logements sociaux

  • 280.000 plantes produites chaque année

  • 51 m² d’espaces verts par habitant

  • 210 terrasses en centre ville

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Children’s gardens and budding gardeners

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Children occupy a natural place in the city gardens, with nearly 162 adventure playgrounds dispersed across the city.

Visits, activities and action plans are organised to increase awareness amongst school children of the fragility of their immediate environment, to encourage them to act in support of their living environment and to increase respect for these areas. To this end, children are offered the opportunity to learn basic horticulture and the role of the gardener through organised workshops in local greenhouses and can enjoy animated visits to all the city gardens and the animal park. In collaboration with local teachers and the Office of Education, annual projects are also in operation, on themes related to nature in the city, environmental education and sustainable development, for example, allowing children to design, plan and develop educational gardens in their own schools.

Local school children also participate in "Tree week". The event takes place in spring each year in partnership with the National Forests Office, and enables individual children to plant their own tree, with help from local gardeners. Children are also actively involved in the replanting of peri-urban woodland areas affected by the storm of 1999. A grand total of nearly 1,500 trees are planted each year!

Adults are also catered for

Trips and activities are also organised on a regular basis for groups of amateurs or professionals, senior leisure clubs and retirement homes, horticulture, gardening and botanist societies and training centres…so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Come and (re)discover the internal nature of Limoges!


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