• Un réseau international de villes céramiques

  • Un budget de 301 millions

  • 401 associations subventionnées par an

  • Centenaire 1914-1918

  • Centenaire de 1914-1918

Accueil Municipal and civil life

Municipal and civic life

Local democracy can be seen at work in the conseil municipal (town council) and in the activities of the 10 information and consultation committees, based in the districts of Limoges (“plans” tab).

The public service is characterised by the responsiveness of the elected officials and the industriousness of the municipal and community bodies. The “Qualiville” quality label and several ISO certifications are just rewards for the constant efforts to provide the best services.

While there can be no public services without taxation, rigorous management and major public investments have positive impacts on the City of Limoges’ budgets. The city’s public contracts boost economic activity and employment and it provides support for numerous associations.

Limoges is an outward-looking city. With our twinning and partnership schemes, the ceramic towns network, the Concert des Cités Unies (United Cities Concert) and the Festival des Francophonies (Festival of the French-Speaking World), we are creating worldwide links while keeping international solidarity uppermost in our minds.

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