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- Contacts : since 2005

- Geographical situation : Province de Jeollanam, côte sud-ouest de la Corée

- Population : 42 000

Gangjin has been renowned for its production of blue/green celadon porcelain since the Goguryeo Dynasty (10th – 14th centuries). Korean celadon (cheongja) from this era is characterised by its inlaid decoration (incised into the clay) which is inspired by nature and is considered to be one of the treasures of Korean heritage.

The municipalities of Limoges and Gangjin maintain regular contact. Almost every year, artists from Limoges, including Jean-Charles Prolongeau, participate in the Korean celadon festival. In 2007, a team of players from Limoges Football Club were invited over by the City of Gangjin and both cities have exchanged pieces of porcelain and celadon during receptions for official delegations from Ganjin in Limoges.

Envoyer à un ami

- Contacts : since 2005

- Geographical situation : iangxi province 500km west of Shanghai

- Population: 311 200

The word “kaolin” comes from Gaoling mountain near Jingdezhen where the famous clay was discovered, thus allowing for the production of Chinese porcelain from the 6th century onwards. As capitals of porcelain, the cities of Jingdezhen and Limoges have quite naturally forged links and now maintain regular contact.

In 2009, Limoges had a stand at the Jingdezhen International Ceramics Fair.

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